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The Alexander Technique is a re-education in posture, to enable a person to move as nature intended, like a healthy animal, but with the added necessary ingredient for a human being of inhibition. This is not repressive, but, in AT terms, a split second release of tension to allow conscious control of movement (or a quick "stop, release, lengthen and go" for whatever action or speech you are planning).

Most people don't know what they're doing to themselves that is harmful. Usually this involves pulling themselves down, i.e. instead of leaning forward (and up!), most people actually pull themselves forward and down, and instead of standing upright most people lean back a little and constrict their lower backs.

Tension is not emotional, although there is a connected component here, but tension is when one tightens muscles and so shortens muscles and then follows pain and stiffness. One has to learn what one is doing, actually doing to oneself, learn how not to do it and then use ones body in a different way, in the way healthy two year olds use their bodies.

It's not that difficult to understand or to do, but habit is very difficult to break, and the one to one lessons with teachers are essential to reinforce the healthy way to use ones body. It can be frustrating to begin with but after every lesson people improve - at different speeds, of course - and usually they feel really good too. It is quite possible to change ones body shape because one is losing and replacing skin cells, muscle cells and even bone cells daily, and if one is using ones body properly then these will be replaced where they should be, to make a healthier shape, where before they have been obstructed and so depleted, as in creased, dropped back neck perhaps leading to a hump for instance.

One of the reasons that the Alexander Technique is not a first choice for most people is that it is not just having a pin stuck into you, or having a massage, or having an operation, or taking pills, it means that the pupil (patient as it were) has to learn to help him/herself and change his/her use. The NHS will direct a patient to physiotherapy as this is free and so most people's first choice. Sadly this helps very few, so then osteopathy may be the next stop and this will doubtless sort out many problems - temporarily, until your bad habits lead to a repeat of the same problem, then you may try acupuncture and that may help, etc. etc. but if your problem is posture related, then the Alexander Technique is what you should learn.

Almost any pupil who has done 20 or more lessons will have changed and be able to tell you what a great difference the AT has made to their lives, health and bodies. Did I mention how the AT can help problems of breathing, asthma, frozen shoulder, stiff shoulders of violin or cello players, problems of confidence, panic attacks, etc?

I could continue with the benefits of the Technique, but why not call me to learn the Alexander Technique. You'll never look back!